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Stephen Hales Ministries


Mrs N. Cramp of Manchester. Healed of deafness in one ear & arthritis of the spine.


I Powell of Cheetham.  Healed of arthritis and delivered from depression.


Mrs W. Hawthorn of Cornwall.  Healed of a weak heart and arthritis,


Violet Tester of Malvern. Gave testimony to being healed of advanced Parkinson's disease.


Trevor Shaw of Glossop. After a motorcycle accident which led to a six month stay in hospital was healed of a smashed knee cap and his wasted and withered leg grew over six inches no longer needing his special built up shoe, and the metal screws and plates in his leg disappeared.


Alan Cole of Middleton. Healed of a damaged back and neck.


Miss S. Robinson of Birmingham. Healed of a degenerated hip joint and her leg lengthened by four inches.


Mrs Harris of Plattfield. Healed of paralysis of the upper body after being bedfast for five years.


Mrs Williamson of Glossop. Bound to a wheelchair for several years due to cancer of the spine was totally head by the Power of God, she got out of her wheelchair and pushed it around the church.


A young man called Colin from Cheetham Hill. Healed of Spondylitis of the spine.


Nellie of Ashton on Mersey. A sixty two old who was born deformed was healed by the miracle working power of God. She threw away her walking sticks and walked normally for the first time in her life. Born with no thumb on her left hand but after being ministered to she had a brand new thumb.


Mrs H. Tousaint of Crumpsall. Healed of Rheumatism, arthritis and high blood pressure.


Vera from Sale. Healed from a frozen shoulder after five unsuccessful operation. Her doctor said, "In 30 yrs of medicine I have never seen anything like it; it is indeed a miracle."


Tony Melia of Salford. Healed of Asthma and depression.


Amy Scoffins of Burslem, Staffs. Healed of Dyspraxia and a deformed foot.


These are just a few of the many healing and miracles that have taken place over 44yrs of ministry.




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