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Stephen Hales Ministries




In November 2019 Dr. Hales re-launced the "International Fellowship of Charismatic Ministries" This fellowship is to offer covering for Ministers and to help foster a spirit of unity and cooperation between ministries. For membership application go to


Stephen Hales Ministries now has a sister website called Word & Spirit Ministries. (See link on home page) This site reflects both the teaching of the Word and the " Anointing" and "Gifts"of the Hloy Spirit.


You can now shop online at SHM and purchase E-BOOKS and CD's. New items will be assed weekly, so keep watching!


Videos of Dr. Hales's teaching will also be added on a regular basis which will be free just like all of the audio teachings found on the media page.


If these videos or audio teaching have blessed and helped we have add a donation button by which you can help SHM to continue to grow.


Come & be blessed by the ministry of Dr. Stephen J. Hales every Sunday at.

Victory Bible Church.

The Community Centre,

Norris Road.

Sale Moor.


10:30 am.

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